Native of Baltimore, MD. singing since the age of 5. Cintale developed his first skills in choir vocal training and learning to harmonize with others. Throughout his childhood Cintale sang in many children choir competitions, featured in many church choirs, and even entertained family and friends. At the age of 15, he began writing musical lyrics and arranging the vocals for himself before he started also writing songs for other solo artist & groups. During early 2011, Cintale found himself with an audition for Universal Records Jaguar Productions which had came to Coppin' State University. Cintale aced his audition and Universal Records would want to sign him with an artist development deal, until after Sept. 11, 2001 when the deal fell through due to the tragedy that took place. Cintale continued to write songs and sing wherever he could. After graduating from High School, Cintale found himself being pursed by a Music Producer over the internet who was based out of Chicago. Cintale would audition for him and find himself with a contract to be signed to H&N Entertainment. This would be his first major deal, until the label divided due to technicalities, and later would become UNIQ Entertainment before converting to V.M.G. [Versatile Music Group]. Still living his musical dream, Cintale resided in Milwaukee and performed at many venues around the city, before things hit a down slide and Cintale departed from the label in 2006. Cintale still holding on to his dream, took matters in his own hands and in 2007 Released his first single "Luv Just Flows" to his fans that he had won over from Milwaukee, Richmond, VA. and Baltimore, MD. The single skyrocketed and then his first studio album entitled, "My Voice Demo" which was an EP album that consisted of 5 songs and was released under himself independently. Now in present day, Cintale as an independent artist who is in control of his own career, has even more to say through his music & lyrics for all who have come to love & know the R&B Sensation that is Cintale.